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Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera 7 Inch LCD Monitor HD 1000 TVL Waterproof Adjustable Infrared & White Light

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera 7 Inch LCD Monitor HD 1000 TVL Waterproof Adjustable Infrared & White Light

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Battery: battery 4500mAh
Depth: 30m
Night Vision: 12pcs White lights and 12pcs infrared lights
Image: color
Viewing Distance: 0-5m
Pressure: 5 MPa
Resolution: 1000TVL
Charger: 100VAC-240VAC; DC12.6V
Voltage: 12V DC
Work Temperature: -20--60 degree
Storage Temperature: -30--80 degree

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Important Tips

Please download the third-party player KM, VLC for video playback.Please wipe the lens clean after use. Don't leave any water stains.


Our Eyoyo new underwater fishing camera, it not only has a large and colorful 7 inch screen, but also has a 1000TVL HD camera. What's more, with a removable sunvisor included.The most important is it has 12pcs White lights and 12pcs infrared lights for darkness observation. And the cell box has a button used for Infrared & White Lights controlling and switching.And these 24pcs lights are separated from camera to prevent the water spray coming into the camera. You can switch the IR lights or White lights freely, and the lights can be turned off if unnecessary.


1. 7 inch TFT color monitor with removable sun-visor for bright environment.

2. Metal housing: strong, durable and easily radiating.

3. High resolution 1000TVL HD camera for clear image.

4. With 12pcs White lights and 12pcs infrared lights for night vision. And lights can be controlled by the switch on cell box.

5. Special cold-resistant, water-proof, and anti-pressing cable.

6. 12V 4500mAh Battery for 6-8 hours working time.

7. Camera Waterproof Level: IP68.

8. With 8GB Card, supports DVR recording.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great customer service

I originally purchased the IR version thinking that is was IR and White lights. Visibility was next to nothing while icefishing on a clear day (40ft of water mind you). I got in touch with customer service and they were great about the return. I returned the unit for the IR and White LED version. I received this unit quickly and tested the camera. Unfortunately the lense cap wasn't on tight and water leaked into the camera and wrecked it. Again I was in touch with customer service and they promptly sent out a new camera and cable. Latest unit is waterproof and works great. I think it was just a mishap with the lensecap.

Amazon Customer
Expected better software.

I love the case setup. The camera is nice. Using the screen and the menu is VERY clunky. Far too much scrolling and clicking to do what you need to do. Love to portable convenience.

Rich Edwards
Booklet or "Manual" could be Better Edited and Complete on Info

I purchased this unit near end of December 2020 and used only four or five times ice fishing though fished often this season. Clear bodied water it worked quite well, and was much fun. Dirtier water was more challenging but on bottom the LED definitely helped and made things interesting. THEN...I forgot HOW the LED light turned on, and the manual was scant help. Watched a number of YouTube videos on the unit...and then, just today saw someone ask a question in the Question section here on Amazon "how do I to turn the light on?"...I pulled my unit out, hooked up and sure enough...the dimple is what turns it on. Doi..."now remember!" says I to myself! Point being, the manual IMO is poor and scant information.

That said, I found while the little box is convenient and appears to protect the unit, it is top heavy with lid open and requires attention in setting up. I was setting on top of an upside down five gallon pail next to my ice hole. Still, components are separate with wires and connections. My solution..I had an igloo cooler on hand the unit fits in just snug and suspended. I can put the flat foam cover (that protects the camera screen) on the bottom of the cooler without wind. Can manage components better...and taking off is a breeze putting things away including my stand over the hole controlling camera direction and depth. All fits in the cooler. Picture is attached. In this way, I improve my star rating to a four. For an affordable unit, as they say you get what you pay for...half to a third the cost of other brands, I now have a practical unit to enjoy watching fish and the bite.

Amazon Customer
Brand new user.

Just received our Eyoyo! Can't wait to get out on the ice. More reviews and video to follow.

Aaron O.
Best value camera with white and IR lights.

So I own this 7in DVR model and also a 10in model. Both are the dual white and IR lights. The cameras are super easy to use as a basic viewer. Iv run into some video issues when first starting. However these are the best value in a camera with light and the ability to switch them for white to IR if fish get spooky is by far its best price point. Yes there are better cameras out there with better focus/resolution. But nothing is close to this price point and these features. If ice fishing a lot, I highly recommend pairing it with either of the Aqua-view camera holders. One thing I will recommend is buying a second battery pack if fishing all day. The range is 6-8hrs of use and the last hr right b4 it dies there is a noticeable decrease in picture quality. I solved the issue by adding a jumper from my lithium shuttle to the box to power it when low and recharge it on the go. It is now 2 years old on the 7in model and the battery pack has been reduced to half capacity. However I contacted the seller about purchasing another separate battery and was offered a replacement battery in exchange for a positive review. Which I feel is fair given I'm not shopping for a new camera but rather another battery.