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7 Inch Underwater Fishing Camera 1000TVL 30m/98ft

Dive into an affordable fishing camera. I recently had the pleasure of using an underwater fishing camera, and I must say, it has completely transformed my fishing experience.



7 Inch 720P Camera w/ 12 IR Lights without DVR

 I've used underwater fishing cameras from a variety of a companies including WaterWolf, GoFish, Marcum, and Vexilar and this is every bit as good as those if not better in many regards, at a much more affordable price.



Panner Positioner 360° Degree Rotation Tripod

A great addition to my underwater camera , makes it easy and simple to see everywhere under the ice while fishing



9 Inch 1000TVL Without DVR

Bought this underwater camera for ice fishing 18 months ago. Great image quality in various water conditions, including low light. Survived -18°F temperatures. Strong, protective case. Highly recommended for its affordable price.

  • 10.1 inch

    Just got the 10.1” with the new 720p camera and the picture quality is amazing .

  • EF07HA

    The camera was very easy to setup and use. Used it at night ice fishing burbot in 30feet of water.

  • EF09RHB

    I opted for the 720 with the DVR and I’m glad I did! Unbelievable good video of the bottom.


Eyoyo Real Shot Video


Can I use this camera system in saltwater?

Yes. All cameras are saltwater-rated,constructed with stainless steel hardware and materials that are impervious to corrosion.We recommend rinsing salt water off camera using clean water and a soft cloth after every use.

Can I connect this camera to a larger monitor?

Not sure. It depends on your extra larger monitor compatible
with this video signal from this camera or not! Please contact our
customer service for more details to confirm compatibility

The screen lights up but I see no picture.

Camera AV cable and power cable are disconnected. Plug the
camera connector into monitor connector, yellow to yellow, black
to black! Or else, camera cable connectors might be damaged.

The led (or IR) cannot light up.

Camera Led power cable is disconnected. Please plug the camera
LED connector into the battery LED interface, “LED” to “LED”.

Will my unit work in cold weather conditions?

Cameras are designed to operate at temperatures ranging from
-10 to 120 degrees F. But its battery life might decrease in cold

Leak camera

To keep it in good condition, please wash the camera with clean water (no sea water) and wipe it dry with a cloth after use. If not, the steam may cause a foggy lens, please put the lens into the rice for a few days, it should be fine.
If it still doesn't work, please give us your shipping address, and we will resend a camera lens to you, and you don't need to send the defective one back.