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Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera Battery Box

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera Battery Box

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The lens has two kinds of light 12 Infrared LEDs & 12 White LEDs which can be selected according to the using environment, especially in deep dark sea. The leds can be turned off as you like. Please note: the image will turn to black and white if you open the infrared light.


Just for Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera Video Fish Finder 7inch/9 Inch LCD Monitor 1000 TVL Waterproof Camera which can Adjustable Infrared & White Light

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amelia Brooks
Mighty Mini Marvel

Don't let the size fool you. These compact accessories pack a powerful punch. Lightweight, easy to handle, and still capable of delivering exceptional footage.

Lucas Evans
Wire-Free Wonder

No more hassle with tangled wires. The wireless setup made using these accessories a breeze. Effortless connectivity for seamless underwater documentation.

Sophia Reynolds
Tough Terrain Companion

Built tough for the most extreme conditions. These accessories stood up to rough handling and deep dives, proving to be the reliable companion every angler needs.

Mason Carter
Nocturnal Vision Master

The night vision feature is a dream come true for nocturnal fishing. It turns the dark underwater world into a well-lit spectacle. Highly recommended for the adventurous angler!

Isabella Turner
Submerged Clarity

These accessories delivered unparalleled clarity underwater. Every fish movement is captured in stunning detail. A game-changer for serious anglers!